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Gloves - MASH Gallery
Gloves - MASH Gallery
Gloves - MASH Gallery

Rose Patterned Gloves - Teal

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Let’s hear it for the hands, our hero parts because they save us from boredom, from idleness, from lethargy, from fatigue. Hands lift, offer, hold on, create, massage, soothe. These accessories are homages to our beautiful hands.

  • Stay fashionably germ-free with these reusable, whimsical gloves. 

  • Machine-washable gloves

  • Double-Sided Design

  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use gloves

  • Matte finish for easy gripping

  • Available in five sizes

  • Ambidextrous design: each glove can be worn on either hand

  • Made using a soft Lycra for a snug fit